_Instruction Manual



10 GAME OVERVIEW 10 Story and game synopsis


14 Start Game.

12 Loading a Saved’Game.

12 Training Missions

12 Credits

12 Quit Game







19 Selecting Rock Raiders

90 Building matetials

24, Movement and Camera Contiols:

93 Mouse Pointer Icons Rock Types

24 Mouse Pointer Icons Rock Raider Tasks 26. Mouse Pointer Icons Information Icons:

27 CONTROLLING YOUR ROCK RAIDERS 27 Rock Raider Action Menu 28 Rock Raider Actions Menu 32 Rock Raider Tool Menu

34) Rock Raider Training: Menu 36 Buildings Menu

37 Building Maintenance Menu 39 Cancel Building Menu

39 Small Vehicle Menu

40 Large Yehicle Menu

40 Get Driver Menu

41 Vehicle Menu

43 Upgrade Vehicle Menu

44 Game View Menu

45 OTHER MENUS. 45 Drilling Menu 46 Paths and Fences Menu:






56 Message Types 57 Drop Down Messages

58 UNIT OVERVIEW 58 Rock Raiders

60 Buildings

61, Tool Store.

62 Teleport Pad

63 Docks

64 Power Station 65 Support Station 66 Upgrade Station 67, Geological Center 68 Ole Refinery

69 Mining Laser

70 Super Teleport


72 Hover Scout

73 Small Digger

74 Small Transport Truck

75 Rapid Rider

76 Small Mobile Laser Cutter 77 Tunnel Scout

78 Loader Dozer

79 Granite Grinder

80 Large Mobile Laser Cutter 81 Chrome Crusher

82 Cargo Carrier

3 CREATURES 83 Rock Monster 83 Ice Monster 84 Lava Monster 4/ Slimiy Slug

85 Bats

85 Small Spiders




WMiiiiih Wane SET-UP dries

100% Windows 95/98 DirectX Compatible Computer required. Game not compatible with Windows NT, OS/2, Linux or Windows emulated operating ‘system.

CPU: Pentium 200MHz or higher required.

Memory: 32 MB RAM or higher required.

Video Card: AMB PCI or AGP DirectX 6.0 compatible 3D accelerator card required

CD-ROM: Quad speed or faster CD-ROM / DVD drive required.

Sound Card: 100% Windows 95/98 DirectX 6.0 compatible 16-bit sound card.

Input Device: 100% Windows 95/98 compatible mouse and keyboard

DirectX: Microsoft DirectX 6.0.is included on this CD-ROM and must be

installed to play LEGO Rock Raiders. Please. refer to readme.txt file contained on the LEGO Rock Raiders CD-ROM for,more Information regarding Directx:


GAME SET-UP Q Eh, How po 1 INstaLt LEGO Rock RS?

Place the LEGO Rock Raiders €D-ROM into your CD-ROM drive.

The installation help screen will become active after a few seconds. Follow the instructions that are displayed and you will be informed when the installation is complete.

NOTE: If the autorun option does not activate then this could be linked to the autorun function being disabled on your system. (See readme.txt file on the LEGO Rock Raiders CD-ROM for further explanation on how to. activate the autorun feature)

NOTE: Your system may require the "latest" Windows 95/98 drivers for your particular hardware. The CD-ROM has to be present in the CD-ROM / DVD Drive for the Game to run.Installation: Installation requires 200MB hard drive space. (Uncompressed) *

+ Uncompressed means that the hatd drive has not been subjected to’any form of file compression, which allows the hard drive space to be increased. For example under Windows 98 the option that would usually be used'to perform this function would be DriveSpace.

How po 1 start LEGO Rock Raipers?

You must restart your computer if you. have been running any other applications, apart from the setup program. The game should always be played with as few other applications running as possible, and it is best to wait for hard disk activity to stop before running the game. To run the game, click onto :





The CD-ROM has to be present in the CD-ROM / DVD Drive for the Game to run.

y Y


It is advisable to uninstall the game using the LEGO Rock Raiders uninstall option. To uninstall the game, click onto:





The Uninstall option will help you remove files regarding this program from your system:


Windows 95/98 with DirectX 6.0

NOTE: If you are unsure regarding any installation of DirectX drivers then please contact your PC manufacturer as DirectX can alter your video / sound Card settings if not installed correctly.

NOTE: Any saved games regarding LEGO Rock Raiders will not be removed by using the uninstall option. These will have to be remoyed manually.

Place your mouse pointer on a clear area_within the Windows desktop screen and using the right hand mouse button click once. A menu will be displayed from which you need to select; using your left-hand mouse button, the Properties option. The Display Properties option folder is now shown and you need to select the Settings tab. Ensure that High Colour 16 bit option is set with the minimum’ recommended resolution area of 640 x 480. Apply any changes and re-start your machine,

With DirectX 6.0, you can check for a successful DirectX setup by doing the following:

Click on My Computer ( Desk top Screen ) Choose:

C drive

Program Files folder

DirectX folder

Setup folder


(Blue circle with yellow cross within it)

The screen that appears has multiple tabs along the top. You will want to click on the DirectX Drivers tab. All of the drivers are listed separately and you will find a Notes field along the bottom. Within. the notes field any problems encountered will be listed. If one or more of the items are listed as uncertified, this is most likely causing the problem you are having. Most often, the drivers that are not certified are either the Primary Display Driver and/or the Audio driver.


Most: manufacturers: of video cards and sound cards are releasing updated drivers for Windows 95/98 to meet the DirectX standard. You will want to contact the manufacturer of any component thatis not supported and ask them about obtaining drivers that support DirectX.

If yow have any problems starting or running this game please see the readme.txt file contained within the LEGO Rock Raiders CD-ROM, which will help you with possible solutions for problems encountered with this game.

Once the game. is up and running, you will see the introduction movie. Then the Main Menu will appear on your screen.


Onboard the huge mining ship’ LMS Explorer, the Rock Raiders are returning home after a long expedition through the outer rim of the galaxy. Everything is going fine... until the ship accidentally sails into a giant asteroid field! The crew struggles bravely to guide the ship through the storm of tumbling rocks, but the endless bombardment quickly damages the ship’s shield and puts the crew in danger.

Just when the Rock Raiders think things can't get any worse, the ship's sensors detected a vast wormhole at the center of the asteroid field - and it's sucking them in! With the ship low on power and listing badly, there's little the crew can do but accept their fate and hang on!

Miraculously the badly damaged: ship, now-tunning on emergency power, emerges from the wormhole in one piece. However, the crew's initial relief soon turns to horror when they realise that the wormhole has flung them right across the universe and into the heart of a distant alien galaxy!

Chief, the captain of the Explorer, decides to set course for the nearest planet, gambling that the emergency power will hold out long enough for the ship to get there safely. Time is of the essence: if the’ Rock Raiders are to stand any chance of getting home, they must make emergency repairs to the Explorer and, more importantly, stock-up on energy crystals which are running dangerously low.

As the Explorer goes into orbit around the strange alien world, a geological scan shows that there are rich seams of Energy Crystals beneath the planet’s surface but can the sensors be trusted? The only way to find out is to send in the Rock Raiders!


ASE. lao) ale) i) aaa awe

After the introduction movie, the first screen you will see is the Title Screen. There are no options for you to choose on this screen. After a short amount of time, the game will load and you will see the Main Menu screen. This screen has five options that you can choose from. These are Start Game, Load A Saved Game, Training Missions, Credits and Quit Game.


Click on this option to continue playing LEGO Rock Raiders from where you last played the game.

NOTE: To learn more about loading games, look at LOADING A SAVED GAME ‘on' page 14.

Click on this option to start playing the LEGO Rock Raiders Training Missions.

NOTE: When you move your mouse pointer over an option, it will turn yellow.

NOTE: To learn more about the Training Missions; look at. PLAYING TRAINING. MISSIONS on page 15.

TIP: _ If you spend a little time looking at the Main Menu screen, you may notice a few of the underground inhabitants in the background!

Click on this option to begin a new LEGO Rock Raiders game.

NOTE: To learn more about starting a new game, look at SELECTING A MISSION on page 13.

Click on this option to find out more about the people who made LEGO Rock Raiders.

Click on this option to exit the LEGO Rock Raiders game.

|OTE: To learn more about quitting from the game, look at QUITTING LEGO ROCK RAIDERS on page 16.

uo Y

U sac ING A MISSION (aaa aA

On this screen yourare able to select which LEGO Rock Raiders mission you would like to play. There are lots of different missions to choose from and the missions become more difficult the deeper into the planet you go. This means that you must play some of the earlier missions before you can get to the really deep caverns! You will notice that-each cavern shows a different mission. If you position your mouse pointer over a cavern, the name of the mission will be shown at the bottom of the screen, together with the score for the mission and a message telling you if the mission has been completed. There is also a Back option. Click on the Back icon to go back to the Main Menu screen.


On this screen you will be able to load any game that you have saved. To do this, move the mouse pointer over the Saved Game that you would like to load. It will turn yellow. When you click the mouse button, the game will be loaded. Up to five games can be saved. There is also a Back option. Click on the Back icon to go back to the Main Menu screen.

NOTE: You can save a game each time you complete a mission. You can only load a saved game from the Main Menu screen. To learn more about saving a game, look at SAVING YOUR GAME on page 18.

NOTE: Only missions that you can play will display their name. If it is the first time that you have played LEGO Rock Raiders, you will only be able to play the first mission. You will also notice that there is more than just one mission on each level. This means that if you find that one mission is too difficult, you can try to get to the deeper caverns by playing a different mission.

[ “S Saved Game 1 =! Saved Game? Saved Game 3

Saved Game 4 Saved Game 5


On this screen, you will be able to load a Training Mission. Each mission will teach you something different about becoming a LEGO Rock Raider! You will notice that each cavern shows a different Training Mission. If you position your mouse pointer over a cavern, the name and a description of the mission will be shown at the bottom of the screen. There is also a Back option. Click on the Back icon to go back to the Main Menu screen.

Leern ROCK RAIDERS aaa we

On this screen, you will be able to quit from LEGO Rock Raiders. If you want to leave the game, move the mouse pointer over the Quit Game option and click the mouse button. You will be asked if you are sure. If you really want to leave the game, click "Yes". If you have changed your mind and you don’t want to leave the game, click "No" and you will go back to the-Main Menu screen.

Are you sure?

Yes No

IPI I (Ia a a A


When you complete a mission, you will see this screen. Each time you complete a mission, you can save your game. Click on the Save Game option on the Mission Score screen. This will take you to the Save Game screen, where you can save your game. To save your game, click on one of the five Saye Game slots.

Save Game 4

Save Game 5

It will show you how well you did in the mission and you can use this as a guide

to improve your scores. There are also two options on this screen. You can save your game or carry on playing without saving. NOTE: If all of the Save Game slots are full, you can still save your game. If you click on one of the Save Game slots, you will save your current game and the old Saved Game will be lost. You will be asked if you are sure. that you wantito do this before you lose your old game.


The game controls-are the buttons that you click to tell your Rock Raiders which tasks to carry out. The controls are positioned around the screen, on toolbars ahd in menus and sub-menus. A toolbar is a simple way of putting buttons into alist. A menu is @ list of options that you can Choose from: An icon is a small picture thatsimply shows you what will happen when you click on it. A:;collection of toolbars, menus and icons is called an interface. To make it simpler to understand, we-will describe the interface in small sections. These sections are SELECTING ROCK, RAIDERS, MOVEMENT AND CAMERA. CONTROLS, MOUSE POINTER ICONS and CONTROLLING ROGK RAIDERS.

Throughout the game, you will need to select your Rock Raiders so that you’can give them tasks.

To select a single Rock Raider, move the mouse pointer over @ Rock Raider and click. A green box will appear around him to show that he has been selected,

To select a group of Rock Raiders, moye the mouse pointer next to them: Hold down the mouse button and move the mouse and you will see a box that changes size as you moye the mouse. This is called "dragging a box". When you "drag @ box", any Rock Raiders that are inside the box will be selected when you let go of the mouse button. You_can also select a single Rock Raider in this way.


Thete are two mineral types'that your Rock Raiders can collect, Energy Crystals and Ore. They can both be found by drilling rock. Your Rock Raiders will collect them automatically and take them to the Tool Store to be stored, or taken to a building or vehicle that needs them. The numbers at the bottom right corner of the Screen tell you how many Energy Crystals or pieces of Ore your Rock Raiders have collected.

collect Energy Crystals and use them to power buildings and vehicles. Remember - you need to collect enough Energy Crystals to power the engines of the L.M.S. Explorer. Ore\is used to construct the buildings that make Up the Rock Raider HQ.

cay Energy Crystals and Ore are very important. Your Rock Raiders.

Energy Crystals These. precious minerals supply your base with power and can be found by drilling cavern walls. Only a few cayern walls contain Energy Crystals, so your Rock Raiders willneed to work hard to find them! Energy Crystals are stored at the Tool Store:until you’ have built a Power Station.

Recharging Energy Crystals Each Energy Crystal has a limited supply of energy. Once the energy, has been drained:from an Energy Crystal, it is returned to the Tool Store where it can be collected and recharged at a Recharge Seam (if one is available) to be usediagain: Energy Crystals turn purple in. colour when the energy has been used up.

uo Y



(eae af 4


Ore There are some other controls that help you to move around in LEGO Rock This is a raw material that your Rock Raiders will use to construct Raiders. They are positioned at the bottom of the screen and they look like this:

buildings and upgrade vehicles; Ore is stored at the Tool Store until-you have built an Ore Refinery. Thes

Once Ore has been refined, it is turned into Building Studs

that will speed up the construction of new buildings. To (A) start with, it takes five pieces of Ore to make a Building

Stud. If you have built an Ore Refinery, your Rock Raiders Will

take the Ore there instead of to the Tool Store. Building (:)) Studs are created automatically and stored at the Tool Store. When you upgrade

an Ore refinery, it Will take less Ore to make a Building Stud.

re ir camer. ntrols.

Press these buttons to zoom your view: in or out. Click on the "+" button, to zoom in; or-click on the "-" to zoom out.

This button controls the ‘direction that you look in. Click on. the arrows pointing up and down to raise or lower your view. Click on the arrows: pointing left and right to rotate your view left or right.

You can hold down your mouse’ button and drag the mouse in any direction while the mouse pointer is on this button. The speed that the camera moves depends-on how. far you move the pointer from the center of the button. If you move the pointer near to the edge of the button, the camera will move quickly if you move the pointer near the center of the button, the camera will move slowly.

NOTE: The mouse pointer used in LEGO Rock Raiders is not 4 normal looking mouse pointer. At certain times in the game, it will show you important information. This is what it looks like When you first, begin. You will need tojuse- the mouse to move around in LEGO Rock (o)

Raiders: Try moving the pointer to any edge of the screen. As the pointer gets close to an edge, of the screen, it will begin to scroll. This means that you are changing your view of the world by moving the pointer left, right, up or down. It’s as if you havea camera and

you can only look at.a small part of the world through the: lens. You will notice that the longer you hold the mouse: against the edge of the screen, the faster the screen will scroll.

This button will really help if you become lost while exploring! Click this; button to center the-view on your base: If you click the button repeatedly, it will center on each of the other buildings that make up: your Rock Raider HQ! If you do not have ‘any buildings, it will center on each of your Rock Raiders in turn.


The mouse pointer gives you important information. If you. move the mouse: pointer over the rock, it will change to show you information about the rock type. Theresare four rock types that you will'come across in LEGO Rock Raiders: Dirt, Loose Rock, Hard Rock and Solid Rock.


NOTE: To learn more about drilling, look at DRILLING on page 25. or THE DRILLING MENU on page 45.

(A) Dirt This icon shows you that the area is made of Dirt and canbe drilled quickly by a Rock Raider.

iC) Loose Rock This:icon shows you that the rock is loose and canbe drilled by a Rock Raider.

© Hard Rock This icon shows you that the rock is.hard and cannot.be drilled by a Rock Raider using only a hand drill.

NOTE: To learn more about how to: mine Hard Rock, look at how to. USE DYNAMITE on page 45.

i(2)) Solid Rock This icon shows you that the rock is solid. Nothing can drill through Solid Rock.



TIP: _ If you move your mouse pointer over the various objects in the underground caverns, a message will appear under your pointer telling you what the object is.

(3) This icon will briefly appear when you click on the rock or ground and it tells you that an area can be mined or built upon.

(9) This icon will briefly appear when you click on the rock or ground and it tells you that you cannot mine or build in that area.


There are also icons that tell you what'tasks your selected LEGO Rock Raiders can do. If you move your mouse pointer over rock’or land, when a Rock Raider is selected, icons will appear in the mouse pointer to show you what tasks your Rock Raider can'do.

NOTE: When you select a Rock Raider, he will Stop whatever task he was doing until you give him a new task, or you select a different object. When you select a Rock Raider, the action toolbar in the top right hand corner of the screen will change to show other tasks that’he can do. To learn more about.using the ROCK RAIDERS ACTION TOOLBAR, look at the section on page 27.

(A), Walking Thisicon will appear when the mouse pointer is over an area of land! When you click the mouse button, and this icon is showing, your Rock Raider will walk to wherever you clicked.



NOTE: If your Rock Raider cannot reach the place that you clicked, he will carry ‘on with task that he was doing before he was selected.

3) Drilling This:icon will appear when the mouse pointer is over any rock that can be drilled,,When you click the mouse button, and this icon is showing, your Rock Raider will go and drill the rock that you clicked on.

NOTE: If your Rock Raider cannot reach the rock that you wanted him to-drill/ he will carry on with the task that he was doing before he was selected.

i) Picking up Energy Crystals If a Rock Raider is selected and this icon appears, you can click on the Energy Crystal to make the Rock Raider pick it up.

{(>)) Picking up Ore Ifa Rock Raider is selected, and this icon appears, you can click on the piece of Ore to make the Rock Raider pick it up.

(3) Clearing Rubble This icon will appear when the mouse pointer is over any area of rubble. When yourclick the mouse button, your'Rock Raider will go and clear TeVlele)(-Micelmin miele mii 4¢-pyell mala cael



Thete are six other mouse pointer icons that you need to know about.

This icon appears when you move the mouse pointer over an object

that contains information. If you keep the mouse pointer over an

object for a short time, the object’s information will be shown.

& G pointing the mouse, a little cross will appear at the bottom of theicon. If you are able to place a building in the

selected spot, a small arrow that points down will replace the cross.

These icons appear when you are placing a building. If the building cannot be placed in the area where you are

NOTE: To learn more about howto. place buildings, look at THE BUILDINGS TOOLBAR on page 36.

NOTE: These are very quick ways to give commands to your Rock Raiders. For other ways, look at the ROCK RAIDER/ACTIONS MENU on page 28.

S ed These icons appear when you move the mouse pointer over mineral seams. A B ¢c

i) Energy Crystal Seam This is a rock face that is made of Energy Crystals. If you drill it, you will find more Energy Crystals than normal.

(B) Ore Seam This is a rock face that isemade of Ore. If you drill it, you will find more Ore than normal.

Co) Recharge Seam This rock face cannot be drilled If you need to recharge an Energy Crystal, your Rock Raider will take it toa Recharge Seam where it will be topped up with more energy.

NA eee Sy | la I


; pra Bt ef Ps vo nd lls menu. This menu is where’ /

ye) Phu select the pi vehicles that you want to use as part of your i} 0 ages Elite} exploration. oe 86(D) ‘ge Gab: i

lick On this icon to Recess the Large Vehicles menu. This menu is where. you select the i rent large pe ricleaghat you want to use as part of » your mining and eee , = g Z re a out wens and buildings, | 7 TIP: if Kotte mouse pointer ‘4. icon on a menu, you VI section on page 58. : _ , oh pets i ures of what you need to build before you

nae: Te 7 i ding. In this example, a Power Station cannot iY

be constructed, until a Tool Store and a Teleport Pad have been con-

and upgraded to Level 1.

a a) ee ot a Rock Reider, thi - many be

J; Daw ww


Rock Raider v y A ded Raider is able to carry more tools. Eact Gh oe 4.” js r carry. an extra tool to a maximum e. able © 1,

to }

B az. m Is means that your Rock Raide 5 ¢ n nore! A % * quickly. To uy le a Rock Raider, click on this icon. He will-r nt wei? s | start doing exercises. When has'finished,, he will be | on.! extra tool. A Rock Raider cén only be upgraded threes) whe will have to do tho ercise but he will be bf |

, And aaa b imes, your Rock Raiders may have finished all their tasks i n something else to do! This is a good time to upgraden . Lay Bs } 65-35 Sle



be: learned until certain, buildings have &

Cee MOM 2 a e


fs. Mee fi Cieoe select-new skills for your Rock Raiders to (conte x t i it



ya ret hep ee f iy

to see the g mn &s If you weré looki fo)

er, change the’game view by clicking this Nae eh eae , Fi

she, | a Aa,

th | A


S ler

Vee a

your team, oo he will j h f ill. During ie you may “get a differer |. To do this,

Go To Tool at you want him

ae uf ;


ROCK RAIDER TRAI mission, yOu r (ified Rock 348 0 learn specialist skills. This is aining. Tod o thi select a Rock @r by clicking on him, click on the 1u icon and then-click on the icor "that shows the ; op > te .N nN you completes mission, any z trained ‘be the first ones is a goodidea toitry and keep i “ae ees

em ing must cock

acs C : er can r about the buildings’ that you more about the bu rll ¥

; ASSES YOUR ROCK RAIDERS if, { [rare eee

). This represents the size of the building so Seah 5 Sees a ow how much’ ie space will be heeded. Move the rectangle around. Z a) At ie y a floor of the cav using the mouse. If the rectangle is green and yellow, <M] > 4 f you|have found a sui : ice} start the ae . Click the mouse button é ee shows where » a

it towards a Power

pe building ia

ies ing does, look at the UNIT

% 4



;d, and some units cannot be”

Ve been constructed. For example, « u have an upgraded Tool Store veto be upgraded before you can

iding icon. When you click this a message on-screen that tells you which new,

structed and ‘which units can be trained. Each ?

jeces of QreX(or or Bylding Stud). | Ig has oad

keep the mouse poi the build

frer buildings t er Station ul


me will a. with a ay in 7% Bhickiy

ei ee ie it Will to use for other buildings.

AEE YOUR d : ] iy

er click'on the La @ Vehicles igor menu will appear. Click on the =” ) ‘Vehicle that yo want ices teleport down. If you keep the mouse er the ic fora short time, a’set Fy ictures will appear on the left of Ow YOu ich, lings you ni ed onstruct and upgrade before


shicle back to the LMS. gy Crystals or pieces. “a



y 4

fi hy m~ ag 4d of



n ul f f fa y if a) c inge the game: to control

ere looking over the shoulde! by clicking this icon. You cal ehicle.

rgy Crystals that left inthe cavern.

a vehicle with a | ove the laser in ircl re the laser.

r shoulder Be. menu is }

rently using shown in be able to select it.

selected VP

sg : wv } AT ae

Verner nents

There are two other menus that are available by clicking directly on the rock walls or cavern floors. The Drilling Menu is used to make your Rock Raiders drill or reinforce walls. The Paths And Fences Menu is used to make your Rock Raiders construct Power Paths or Electric Fences.

When you click on a section of wall, it will turn blue in colour to show that it has been selected and the Drilling Menu will be shown.

iC) Drill Wall Click this icon to make your Rock Raiders or vehicles drill the selected wall. The wall will turn dark grey in colour to show that it is about to be drilled. If you repeat the action, another Rock Raider or vehicle will start drilling. This will speed up the mining of the wall. Rock Raiders that are using hand drills can only drill walls made of Dirt and Loose Rock.

NOTE: The nearest Rock Raider or vehicle will automatically start drilling the wall.

(B) Reinforce Wall Click this icon to make a Rock Raider reinforce the selected wall. The wall will turn light green in colour to show that it is about to be reinfor Reinforcing walls will stop landslides or cave-ins, and also stop monsters from emerging through the walls.


(o) Use Dynamite Click this icon to make an Explosives Expert blow up the selected wall. The wall will turn red in colour to show that it is about to be blasted. You must be careful where you use Dynamite, as it can damage any Rock Raiders, vehicles or buildings that are nearby. Dynamite can blow up all rock types, except Solid Rock.


Click this icon to stop all Rock Raiders and vehicles from drilling the selected wall. You can also click this icon to stop Rock Raiders and Explosives Experts from reinforcing or blowing up the selected wall.

A When you click on the cavern floor, it will turn blue in colour B to show that it has been selected and the Paths And Fences Menu will be shown. c

i) Power Paths These important pathways connect all the buildings in your Rock Raider HQ and supply them with power, Just like a normal road, the Power Paths speed up Rock Raider and vehicle movement. They are also important in stopping lava from destroying the land around your base.

To construct a Power Path, click on the ground where you want your Rock Raiders to build it, then click on the Build Power Path icon. Your Rock Raiders will automatically build a Power Path in the selected spot.

(SEER ym dui


NOTE: All your buildings must connect with a Power Path. The Radar is positioned at the top left side of the screen. Click the

icon to turn the radar screen on and off. (()) Electric Fences Build these to defend your base against creatures, such as

The Radar has two main uses. You can use it to see a map of the

Rock Monsters and Slimy Slugs. You can place Electric cavernjor to keep an eye on your units. Fences next to buildings or other Electric Fences, up to a

distance of one block apart. In this way, you can build a N Map View

long chain of Electric Fences to protect your base. The first Click this icon to show an overhead view of the cavern. The large Electric Fence must be placed next to a building so that it arrow points in the direction that’the camera is facing. You can can get power from the Power Path underneath the press Zoom In or Zoom Out to move the camera closer to, or building and supply the rest of the Electric Fences that are further away from, the map.

connected to it. To place an Electric Fence, a Power Station Below is a map key that tells you how to read the map. must have already been built. Any creature that runs into an Electric ve Fence will receive an electric shock and run away. t Map Key: DoTS Yellow Rock Raider ce) Remove Power Path Red Monster Click this icon to remove the selected Power Path. The area will turn into rubble. SQUARES Ring Building TIP: If you decide not to continue building a Power Path, click on the (Very dark purple» Cavern floor building site and then click the Cancel Building icon. The Power Dark purple Solid Rock Path will not be built. To learn more about cancelling building, Purple Loose Rock look at the CANCEL BUILDING MENU on page 39. Light Purple © Dirt : Blue d Water (" Orange i Lava ke Light green * Energy Crystal Seam tH Brown i Ore Seam ba Yellow 4 Recharge Seam Dark red J Undiscovered cavern uy, w Dark green 4 Top of cavern wall Yellow outline Reinforced wall



Ifyou keep the mouse pointer over an item for a short time, a description of the: item will appear

i(:)) Track Object View : To keep @ unit in vieW.on the radar seteen, click on it in the Map, View. You will notice a small magnet icon that tells you that.a unit canbe selected; When the magnet icon. is shown, click the mouse button to. select the unit. Click on:the Track Object View icon and the radar sereen* will then.“always show the selected unit, wherever it goes, until a different unit is selected in Map View.


> a


When your Rock Raiders begin new tasks, you can tell exactly what they are doing by looking at the different thought bubbles that appear above their heads. To learn more about your Rock Raiders, look at the UNIT OVERVIEW section on page 58.

QS The action requested can’t be performed

| have no orders

| need to collect Energy Crystals

I need to collect Ore