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ELSEVIER Acta Psychologica 104 (2000) 417-419


Author index of volume 104

Abad, E.V., see Fournier, L.R. Adamson, A., see Fournier, L.R. Anderson, L.P., see Weeks, D.L. Aschersleben, G., see Mates, J.

Bauml, K.-H., see Kissler, J.

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Budescu, D.V. and A.K. Rantilla, Confidence in aggregation of expert opinions

Carnahan, H., see Dubrowski, A. Claeys, K., see Stuyven, E.

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d’Ydewalle, G., see Lavigne, F.

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Douglas, V.I., see Leth-Steensen, C.

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Ganzach, Y., The weighing of pathological and non-pathological informa- tion in clinical judgment

Harries, C. and N. Harvey, Taking advice, using information and knowing what you are doing

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418 Author index of volume 104

Harvey, N., see Harries, C. Hockey, G.R.J., see Maule, A.J.

King Elbaz, Z., see Leth-Steensen, C. Kissler, J. and K.-H. Bauml, Effects of the beholder’s age on the perception of facial attractiveness

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Leth-Steensen, C., Z. King Elbaz and V.I. Douglas, Mean response times, variability, and skew in the responding of ADHD children: a response time distributional approach

Locher, P., A. Vos, P.J. Stappers and K. Overbeeke, A system for investigating 3-D form perception

Mates, J. and G. Aschersleben, Sensorimotor synchronization: the impact of temporally displaced auditory feedback

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van Beek, B., see Somsen, R.J.M. Van der Goten, K., see Stuyven, E. Van der Molen, M.W., see Somsen, R.J.M.

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Author index of volume 104

van der Pligt, J., see Zeelenberg, M. Vandierendonck, A., see Stuyven, E. Vitu, F., see Lavigne, F.

Vos, A., see Locher, P.

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Erratum Alvarado, J.M., Z. Santalla and C. Santisteban, Erratum to “‘An evaluation

of the CODE Theory of Visual Attention extended to two dimensions”’ [Acta Psychologica 103 (1-2) (1999) 239-255]

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